Even as I write this post on shopping for PowerPoint video templates, the irony of the new normal is not lost on me.

At no time in the past is the divide between offline (brick-n-mortar) and online (virtual) shop more pronounced than now. The Covid pandemic has ensured that even the most die-hard offline shopper is transformed to online avatar for nearly all essentials including basic food items.

With so much going for online shop, it is but natural that there’re certain norms that people expect when they come visiting. And one of those norms is to present before viewers a nice-looking image for each product on all shop pages.

Alas, we’ve broken that rules! And we’re not sure how this will work out going ahead.


Product Video Everywhere

Surely, it won’t have escaped your attention. There are product videos displayed on all shop pages. And I guess I can give you good reasons for that.

Well, we’re selling PowerPoint video templates for social media. And so, wouldn’t it be proper to showcase the videos irrespective of which product page you’re visiting?

The truth is, we’d have preferred the videos only on product single pages … and perhaps not on all the shop pages. That obviously didn’t happen, because the plugin we’re using is for unencumbered viewing, and we felt we should let this be, and not make any custom changes.

We only hope that you – our viewers – will like it.


Why Our Video Templates

Coming to the video templates, our main consideration is to equip you with a ready tool to make top-class social media videos including video ads.

Pause awhile and think about this.

The eye-popping videos and video ads that you see on social media are mostly made by talented designers, and their service don’t come cheap. In fact, it may cost you upward of hundreds of dollars for just a couple of video ads when you outsource the work to expert designers.

In contrast, as we begin, most of our PowerPoint video templates cost just about $7 to $15 (many even less), and on top of that, you are free to make as many videos as you want from just one video template.

There is a second advantage.

PowerPoint is already a familiar tool for many of you. Agreed, you mainly used it for making presentations.

But the fact that you already know how to use PowerPoint is a big boon for modifying the video templates that you buy from us.

Again, in contrast, most social media video designers use other tools, and NOT PowerPoint. Which means it’s even more difficult for you in terms of cost and effort in case you don’t know how to use those tools.

Thirdly, for you as a buyer, it’s a big relief to (visually) know exactly what you’re getting from our templates.

Since all our templates are displayed here with videos, there’s no element of uncertainty between what you see and what you’ll get.

Let’s now talk about what each template will be like, when you download it after buying.


What You Get When You Buy

A video template comes as a ZIP file when you download it.

After you unzip it, you will find the ready-to-use PowerPoint file with all the slides, complete with the objects or elements, their animations if any, and transitions between the slides if any.

We say the templates are ready-to-use … which they indeed are.


Suppose you replace the images with the ones that you want, and you also change the texts with whatever you want to say. How long will that take? Say, 15 mins or perhaps 30 mins maximum!

That’s all.

Your top-class eye-popping video ad is ready for production … in less than half an hour!!

Know more in this article – What do you get after buying our product.


Redesigning Video Template

Some of the features of our PowerPoint video templates are as under:

  1. All the components in the slides are labeled (more on labeling)
  2. Fonts used in the slides are mentioned in the first slide (more on installing Google fonts).
  3. This is important because if you don’t have those fonts on your computer, the slides will not look as you see here.

  4. You’ll find the same images in the slides as you see in product displays
  5. All the slides are complete with animations and/or transitions as the case may be (more on First Steps)

The images used in our templates are taken from free sources like Unsplash, Pixabay, PowerPoint stocks, etc.
You can use them if you wish or better still, replace them with your media items.

Feel free to modify the elements but first save a copy of the original template so that you can always revert back to it in case you want to aren’t happy with your work, or for making more designs using it.

Remember though, we don’t hold any responsibility for whatever changes you make in the templates or their end use. Don’t forget to read the Terms of Use in this regard.

All the best to you.

Featured image courtesy Becca Tapert, Unsplash

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