B2. Using Selection Pane for labeling objects

The 2nd important step to do design works in PowerPoint is to use the Selection Pane.

The Selection Pane in PowerPoint is like the layers pane of other image editing tools.

It helps you to identify the objects in the slides, and that in turn helps you to modify or edit them as you wish.

By default, PowerPoint gives generic names to the objects used in the slides – like TextBox, Straight Connector, Graphic, Picture, Freeform, Oval, and so on.

If the objects are not labeled, it becomes very difficult to locate them on the slide.

This becomes all the more tedious if there are many animated items, and you need to identify them for modification.

Since the naming and labeling can be done only in the Selection Pane, therefore knowing this is an absolute must.

Selection Pane explained

Fortunately, all our PowerPoint templates that you buy have the objects named and labeled in the Selection Pane.

As a result, it’s easier for you to make changes in the slides to make them uniquely yours for your social media video.

The following video explains how Selection Pane works –



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