The lifetime deal on AppSumo for the sale of PowerPoint video ads templates is evincing keen interest of late, and in this article I’m gonna explain why they’re cool for PPC campaigns. Before that let’s take a small detour.

When it comes to video advertising, you get to hear lots of inspiring stats. For example, the 2022 Wyzowl study reveals that video is considered as a brilliant investment for lead generation by most marketers (86%). And a whopping 94% agree that videos increased users’ understanding of their product or service. Now while the stats are clear pointers, the sobering fact is that many small biz owners are clueless as to what videos to use for ads and what to choose for marketing. Or is there a video type that’s common to both?

Our understanding is that PowerPoint video ads are well suited for both advertising and marketing depending on the design(s) chosen. PowerPoint is a uniquely versatile tool capable of meeting varying needs of users. Here let’s look at some important factors for using our video ads templates in PPC campaigns.

Video ads in minutes (not hours)

As you step into designing and making video ads, you may be exploring a plethora of online tools to use for your needs. Some of them are indeed cool and user-friendly, but there’s a small twist that may escape your attention.

Many of these online tools give you thousands of templates, images, and graphics to choose from for your ad. As you sift through them, you slowly begin to realize you have already spent a good deal of time. While final choices are not clear yet, the actual making of the video ad is further down the line, waiting in the wings for its turn.

Contrast that with what you get at VidBazaar.

If time is of the essence for you, you will love our ready-to-use ads templates. Because all you do is replace the media elements in the template you choose and produce final ads. Oftentimes in less than an hour. No more pondering over what might or might not work.

Goodbye to confusion

Let’s face it.

Most small bizzes don’t have fulltime video ad designers. Nor can they afford to hire costly ad makers. They want simple solutions faster. For them the best option is to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) video ads.

That is why all the templates in VidBazaar store offer instant visualization of end results.

For individual ad owners, or those working in teams, there’s no time lost to take ‘informed decisions’. The full ad display happens right in the store. No need to login or open an account.

Cool animations done for you

PowerPoint is an excellent tool for animated ads. With a bit of imagination one can create awesome animations to the delight of viewers.

In our experience, the range and depth of animations that PowerPoint offers is just not possible with most online tools barring maybe just one or two if at all.

The good news is, all the VidBazaar ad templates come ready with animations. You don’t have to worry about doing them yourself. You have the choice of selecting the ads that best suit your needs. And it’s easy, because as mentioned above, all ads are WYSIWYG.

What’s also cool is that after you download the templates you can easily change the animations to something (anything) you want. Speak of convenience? Well, here it is.

Have a look at the Pinterest post below that shows 2 different video ads displayed on a wall.

No learning curve

At the present time if you try a new tool, it is quite likely that you have to negotiate a learning curve before you can do something fruitful. There’s no escape from this since everything we do online is with the help of applications or apps. Which is why nearly all companies have dedicated teams to oversee onboarding of both customers and employees.

Yet surprisingly, there’s no guarantee that you’ll keep using the same tools. If you decide to use a new tool, you’ve to again pass through the learning stage. And the cycle repeats.

Compare now with PowerPoint’s advantages. Consider 4 points:

/ one ↓

You may already use or have used PowerPoint, if only for presentations. It is installed on more than a billion computers worldwide, and it is there since early 90s.

PowerPoint is a trusted ally for many world-renowned brands. For example, BBC, one of the world’s largest broadcasters, once remarked about their experience:

PowerPoint is one of the most successful, enduring, and influential pieces of software ever invented.

/ two ↓

For most users there is minimal or no learning curve with PowerPoint. It’s so ubiquitous, it perhaps won’t be wrong to say the users just happen to know about it.

/ three ↓

PowerPoint isn’t going anywhere, at least not in the foreseeable future. It keeps innovating and improving all the time. For those in design industry, that’s so much of assurance that can’t be valued.

/ four ↓

Perhaps the least used feature is the diverse range of exciting animations one can do with PowerPoint. This is remarkable because very few tools if any can match its abilities for creating elegant eye-catching animations.

Single multi-product video ad

Suppose your business is in the field of interior décor and you want to showcase 5 examples of your work. Can this work in a single video ad?

For you this is crucial because you will be able to economize on ad budget.

Doing this is possible with our video ads templates where all five items appear in a sequence with graceful animations. In addition you can include peppy ad copy, a CTA button, plus discount announcement.

Watch the following 1:1 square video ad.

Take a look at another video ad. This is a 4:5 vertical ad on festival promo for wines.

Our ads templates are a great relief for small businesses because they solve a long-standing problem, that of exhibiting multiple items in a single ad.

We make ads templates for different industries, e.g., jewelry, food, fashion, travel, sports, gifts, education, and so on. So, there are stocks for everyone.

GIFs or MP4s in ultra-HD

PowerPoint has liberal output options for your works. In case of animations, you can output your work in GIF or MP4 or both. What’s more, you can produce your output in MP4 from 480p (lowest quality) to 4K (ultra-high quality).

Similarly, the GIF can be produced from 240p (low quality 15 fps) to 1080p (full HD quality 24 fps). GIFs generally have large file sizes, but with suitable optimization tools you may be able to contract them to acceptable sizes.

For reference, check out GIF animations on Dribbble all of which are restricted within 10MB.

Summing up

For many marketers, the #1 obstacle when creating video ads for their PPC campaigns is the lack of design skill and know-how.

Considering that 80% of the TOP brands’ Facebook ad creatives are videos, it is crucial to use smart elegant video ads for your brands. With VidBazaar, this is now a lot easier!

Our ever-growing stock of PowerPoint video templates is the perfect answer to entice your prospects with appealing PPC video ads and turn them into willing customers.

Come, join us today!


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