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Buy square listing video PowerPoint templates

1:1 Customizable Listing Video Templates

Easily modify our 1:1 square PPT listing video templates to boost sales of your Etsy shop products. Showcase multiple products in a single listing video.

Shop 4:5 customizable listing video PowerPoint templates

4:5 Customizable Listing Video Templates

Check out our 4:5 listing video templates for Etsy or Shopify store products. Showcase multiple products in each listing video. More++ value for every ad-money you spend.

Find more vertical PowerPoint listing video templates

9:16 Customizable Listing Video Templates

Buy from a wide choice of our 9:16 multi-product listing video templates for your Etsy shop business. Every template is tastefully designed to promote any items in your store.

Get 16:9 PowerPoint listing video templates

16:9 Customizable Listing Video Templates

Check out our small but impressive stock of customizable 16:9 listing video templates designed for showcasing your products or services.

Customizing Listing Video PowerPoint Templates Is Easy – Watch the Demos

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6 Reasons to Use Our Nicely Crafted Customizable Listing Video Templates

Stunning Designs

We only make top-class templates with an eye on the latest design trends on social media.

Deep Animations

Make no mistake, you’ll find unmatched range of animations in our video templates like no other.

Affordable for All

Considering steep design costs, we offer variable pricing to suit every user’s ability to buy our templates.

Just PowerPoint

Yes, all our designs are made with only PowerPoint, a familiar tool, meaning least learning curve.

Easy Redesigning

Easily modify our templates to make any design & any size you want, from 1:1 to 9:16 to 16:9, anything.

Quality > Quantity

We take pride that each template is crafted with great care, since for us quality always triumphs quantity.

VidBazaar vs Other Video Ad Tools

VidBazaar Templates

  1. You get ready-to-use templates. All you do is replace the elements and produce final videos.
  2. VidBazaar templates are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). You can visualize end result. Faster work – less time spent.
  3. VidBazaar gives you fully animated PowerPoint templates with cool effects.
  4. PowerPoint is a popular tool, you may be using it already. So, there’s little or no learning curve.
  5. Use exciting animations in the listing videos to boost your marketing prospects.
  6. VidBazaar templates allow multiple product videos inserted and animated separately in single ads.
  7. Create GIFs easily from your templates in addition to MP4s for video ads upto ultra-HD 4K resolution.

Other Video Tools

  1. In many cases you’ve to re-design stock templates from scratch even if they are great tools.
  2. With other tools you may NOT clearly visualize the end result – meaning you keep designing ‘n’ number of times for perfect ad.
  3. Difficult to use animations to showcase multiple products even though viewers love them.
  4. Other tools may NOT be familiar to you – meaning you need to first learn them for best results.
  5. Snazzy animations NOT possible to exhibit multiple products in single listing video though viewers love them.
  6. It is quite unlikely that you can use this feature with other online tools.
  7. Difficult to product GIFs directly. Also, maximum resolution for MP4s maybe just full-HD 1080p, no more!!

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