About VidBazaar

VidBazaar is founded by Partha Bhattacharya with active support from Arka Bhattacharya. Partha has more than 10+ years’ experience using PowerPoint for e-learning courses at HubSkills.com. Over time he has mastered finer skills of creating eye-catching social media videos using just PowerPoint.

Launched in November 2020, VidBazaar offers users a wide range of customizable PowerPoint video ads templates for social media advertising. Uniquely designed yet economically priced, each of our templates is super-useful for anyone to launch their own branded Facebook video ads, Instagram stories, Pinterest story pins and more.

Our core team of Partha and Arka is supported by vision-oriented mentoring by Avi Sakhalkar, who is the mentor-cum-advisor at SpringUp Capital, Singapore.