4. What do you get after buying our product

After you purchase one or more templates, you’ll be able to download the ZIP file(s) of the PowerPoint video template(s).

All you now do is unzip the file, and the PowerPoint template (.pptx file) is yours for use.

The following brief screen-recording shows what to expect in a PowerPoint video template when you download it for your use.



The 2 main features of our video templates are as under:

  1. All the elements in each slide are properly labeled in the Selection Pane.
  2. Fonts used in the template are mentioned in the Note section in the 1st slide.

Labeling of elements

The Selection Pane in PowerPoint is like the layers of an image editing tool. In one glance, you’ll get a clear idea of what the different elements are in any slide.

By default, PowerPoint identifies the elements in generic terms, like TextBox, Straight Connector, Graphic, Picture, Oval, and so on.

If the elements are rendered with animations, then these same terms appear in the Animation Pane too.

Unless the elements are labeled, a new user will find an existing design template very difficult to work with and make changes.

We take care of this in every template that we offer.

So, when you buy our templates, you’ll instantly know what the different elements are in each slide from the Selection Pane.

You can then go ahead and select each element for modifying it while hiding all other elements in the slide. It’ll be especially helpful if you wish to make changes in the Animation Pane.

This is easier, faster, and fun to do.

Know more on Selection Pane here.

Using fonts you want

In any visual design, fonts play super-important role in its look and feel. Video is no exception, and you’ll find us using a wide range of fonts in our PowerPoint video templates.

If you do NOT have a particular font used in a template pre-installed on your computer, you’ll find the design looking disgusting and ugly.

For this reason, we tell you the fonts we’ve used in a template, so that you can install them on your computer.

Most fonts we use should be available with Google Fonts, so you can get them for your computer.

Know more on using Google fonts here.