B1. Changing slide size in PowerPoint

One of the 1st steps to do for making social media video in PowerPoint is to change the slide size.

The reason you want this is because the social media platforms need different video sizes for ads or display.

Check out the required video sizes for different platforms below:

Mainly, four videos sizes preferred are

  • Rectangle 16:9
  • Vertical 4:5
  • Vertical 9:16
  • Square 1:1

How to change slide size

Surprisingly, changing slide size is fairly easy.

  • From Design on top menubar, go to Slide Size > Custom Slide Size.
  • In the Slide Size dialog box, make changes in the dimensions for Width and Height. Click OK.
  • PowerPoint now asks whether you want to Maximize the size of your content, or scale it down to Ensure Fit in the new slide.
  • Choose the one that suits your need. TIP: Practice this to see what’s good for you.

Watch the following screen-recording guide for the above steps.



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