There isn’t perhaps a single social media platform at the present time that doesn’t accept video for display. In fact, video is now the most ubiquitous media that people use for any number of reasons.

This however wasn’t the case even a few years back.

For example, Twitter used Vine for sharing 6-second video loops for the first time in January 2013. It later acquired Periscope in March 2015 for live video streaming.

In contrast, LinkedIn’s turn came much later in August 2017 when it launched native video globally to allow video posting capability on their platform for boosting in-feed engagement.

Today, social media video is trending like a super-hot balloon that is scaling new highs every day.

The massive shift to online teaching (and learning) due to Covid pandemic has only added fuel to that surge.


No Abatement Anytime Soon…

Why do people prefer to use and watch social media video? You know this of course, but I love the following explanation.

Videos are a great way to deliver long messages where your audience may not want to stop and read.

True indeed!

The point is, both short clips and longer videos are in demand. While the former delivers quick bits of information, longer videos deal with extended messages.

So, you have the highly popular short-form social media video app TikTok, that has roughly 2.3 billion all-time downloads, and 100 million users in the US alone.

If 60-second TikTok video is at one end of the spectrum, at the other end, YouTube has been increasingly laying stress on longer videos because for them what matters is that they simply want you to stay on … on their platform.

An article’s finding is as under:

Longer video essays, more extravagant vlogs, makeup tutorials, and commentary are all on the rise on YouTube … alongside political content, lengthy explainers, and documentary series.

So, where does that take us?

We’ll now look at some stats aided by – what else but – PowerPoint social media videos.


Social Media Videos for Marketing

I’ve dealt on this in the Knowledge Base article here, but let’s look at it again.

In a study it has been seen that as many as 92% of marketers feel video is integral to their marketing strategy in 2020. This has increased steadily from 78% in 2015.

Watch the video chart below.



Looking at the figures above, it’s not difficult to make some definitive conclusions summarized in the following list.

  • Videos more than compensate any gap in communication with targeted audience compared to other means like images.
  • Ease of making videos is likely to be the main driver behind its use for marketing on the web.
  • Social media is the most important platform for video marketing.
  • Rise of video as a marketing tool will remain unabated for long time to come.

The best way to survive and thrive in the new marketing war is to produce top-quality social media videos at minimum cost.

In the next article, we’ll discuss why PowerPoint is your best friend for making social media video.

All the best to you.

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