It really feels good when we are able to keep our promise!

Let’s announce that fifteen diverse, snazzy, brand new, customizable PowerPoint video templates have been added to VidBazaar store in March 2021.

Incidentally, same number of templates were published in February 2021.

Since we continually add new stocks, go to latest video templates to know the most recent ones in our repository at any time.

We will now briefly explain the new templates for March 2021 below so that you get some idea about them. Before that, let us remind you about our ongoing lifetime deal on AppSumo.

VidBazaar’s Lifetime Deal on AppSumo

There was some brisk sale of our Lifetime Deal on AppSumo in March 2021, and we want to thank them for listing our offer in their marketplace.

Remember, the Lifetime Deal costs only $29, which means LTD buyers get all-time access to all our templates at a very lowly one-time cost forever.

For video ads makers this is a good news, because as we add more templates over time, the cost of our customizable video ad templates will become almost NIL. So, get ready … and act now!

Let us now give you a leg up on our brand-new, customizable templates that we added in March 2021 to our store.

What the new templates are about

When we create video templates with PowerPoint, we always try to remain in sync with the latest design trends. This we do in 2 ways.

First, we love to search for new trendy designs on Google. Many of our video templates are created with those popular designs in mind. But we have another way to collect design suggestions.

We actively support and encourage viewers and users to suggest what they want. And based on their suggestions, we narrow down to those designs that are

  • a) simple yet great-looking😊, and
  • b) customizable by using PowerPoint.

In March 2021, we made 3 video templates on travel, and why not!?

You may have seen many news reports that people are becoming impatient to go out and see places. And so, as things gradually turn to normalcy post pandemic, you can bet that the pent-up desire to move out will result into tours and travels hitting the roof.

Apart from tours and travels, the other notable focus area in March 2021 has been self-promotion, indicating that many people are increasingly considering working solo, or working from home. And that resulted into making 3 video templates for use by work-from-home professionals.

Mixed template sizes

Every month we emphasize on having a mix of different sizes for the PowerPoint video templates that we put out for sale. So, the ones we added in March 2021 are –

All our templates are easily customizable, and we also provide key instructions with each template when you download the respective zip file.

You may also refer our Knowledge Base articles for more help. Lastly, feel welcome to email us your specific concern about our templates.

New video templates for March 2021

The brand new templates for the month of March are displayed below. Among them there are 2 vertical video templates that are available for free.

So, go ahead, try out the new templates now.

16:9 Rectangle templates – 3 nos.

Customizable Fashion PPT Video Template - Discover You   PPT Video Template - Billboard for Advertising   16:9 Chart PPT Video Template - Instagram Daily Users

9:16 Vertical templates – 6 nos.

9:16 Fashion Promo PPT Video Template   Promo PPT video template - Travel to more places   1:1 Vertical PowerPoint Video Template - Graceful Villas   9:16 Vertical PPT Video Template - Scaling New Highs
Free PowerPoint Video Template - Travel Now   Free PPT Video Template - Travel Is Boon

4:5 Vertical templates – 2 nos.

Customizble PowerPoint Video Template - Food Store   Vertical 4:5 PPT Video Template - Pack Your Bags

1:1 Square templates – 4 nos.

Customizable Educational PPT Video Template - How Seasons Change   1:1 PowerPoint Video Template - Interior Designing   PowerPoint Pie Chart Video Template - Instagram Posts vs Stories   1:1 Square PPT Video Template - Feeling Travelsick


After the addition of 15 new templates in March 2021, we now have a collection of 83 templates for a wide range of sizes and designs. Among them 1:1 square templates number 29, 9:16 vertical templates number 30. There are 18 templates for 16:9 rectangles (12 nos) and 4:5 verticals (6 nos). Finally, we have 6 free templates for users to try out our products before making purchases.

To you – our users and viewers – we have a message. You are welcome to send us suggestions for templates that you want us to design. Email your request to with screenshots of your proposed designs.

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