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We have 15 new entrants to our PowerPoint video templates store in February 2021, and they are all available for download for your use.

We are eager to show you the list of templates we have added. But first, a few words about our new launch on AppSumo.

VidBazaar on AppSumo

We are happy to get accepted by AppSumo for listing our deal in their marketplace. So, after some intense preparation, we could launch our first-ever Lifetime Deal on AppSumo in February.

The Lifetime Deal costs only $29, which gives a great chance to users to access all our present and future templates for creating own unique video ads.

That means, as we add more templates over time, your cost of using a ready-to-use video ad template will become almost NIL. So, time to act is … now!

Okay, let us now find out more about the new templates that we added to our store.

Topics of the new templates

In keeping with the feedback from our template users, we constantly strive to add variations in designing the PowerPoint video templates.

This time we mainly focused on segments like Business, Retail, Education, and Marketing. The Business segment continues as a priority because many users prefer them for their ventures.

Remember though that each template is categorized under multiple segments. So, a template for Business is on financial freedom steps (see the listing below), and therefore it is also listed under Accounting and Finance.

Similarly, another video template under Business is listed for Sales as it deals on selling cycle.

Sizes of the templates

We have a mix of different sizes for the PowerPoint video templates last month. So, the ones we added are –

It is important to point out that after you have downloaded a video template, you can change the size to whatever your requirements are.

To know how to do this, refer our Knowledge Base article on changing slide size.

Displaying newly added video templates

Find the new templates displayed below. Among them there are four square video templates that are available for free. They too are listed below, so feel free to test your mettle for designing.

16:9 Rectangle templates – 4 nos.

PPT Video Template on Marketing Funnel   Animated PowerPoint Template on Explainer Video   PPT Promo Video on Business Summit Invite   PPT Video Ad on Black Friday Sale

9:16 Vertical templates – 2 nos.

PPT Instructional Video Template on Financial Freedom   PowerPoint Video Ad Template on Business Deal

4:5 Vertical templates – 2 nos.

PPT Sales Video Template Promoting Coffee   Sales Cycle Explained in this PPT Explainer Video

1:1 Square templates – 7 nos.

PPT Sales Video Template Promoting Drinking Beer   PowerPoint Animated Video Showing Cursor Clicks for Covid Stats   PowerPoint Instructional Video Template on 10 Blogging Tips
Square PowerPoint video template for free   Free square PPT template   Free square animated PPT template   Free square PPT video template

Summing up

With the addition of 15 templates, we now have a collection of 68 templates for assorted sizes and topics. Out of these there are 25 square templates (1:1), and 26 vertical templates (9:16). As mentioned above, we have started including free templates in our store to give viewers opportunity to check out our PowerPoint video templates before making any purchase.

Lastly, as users, feel welcome to send us suggestions of templates you want us to design. Email us with screenshots of your proposed designs.

Top image courtesy, Mert Kahveci, Unsplash

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