3. How PowerPoint helps you

Released nearly 30 years ago, Microsoft PowerPoint is primarily a presentation program. It is estimated that PowerPoint’s market share of total world presentation software is at 95 percent.

In other words, there is every chance that you would have used PowerPoint for creating presentations in your career or business.

However, many users are increasingly depending on PowerPoint to make attractive videos for different purposes. And surprisingly, it’s not difficult to make videos using it.

4 main advantages

If you’re a PowerPoint user for some time, you may be knowing its somewhat hidden potential to make awesome videos.

In our view, there are 4 main advantages with PowerPoint that are relevant in the present case.

They are:

  1. PowerPoint is already a familiar tool with many people.
  2. PowerPoint has loads of features related to animations.
  3. It is well-maintained and a stable tool and is in existence for more than 30 years.
  4. Given the versatility, PowerPoint is a lot cheaper than many other video making tools.

Among the four, the aspect of animation features needs special mention for our products.

At VidBazaar we believe PowerPoint gives you a fascinating array of animations & transitions – plus variations for them – which together is a lot more than what many other similar tools give you.

What’s even more interesting is that you can cleverly combine multiple animations together to get almost endless types of animations for your social media video.

When you factor in all of that you’ll find that PowerPoint is simply an awesome tool for making top-class social media videos at minimum cost.

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