2. Common types of marketing videos

In the annual survey, The State of Video Marketing, done in December 2019 involving 656 unique respondents, it has been found that 99% of people who use video for marketing have said they’ll continue using video in 2020.

The survey results also revealed data on common types of marketing videos as presented below:

  1. Explainer videos – 72%
  2. Presentation videos – 49%
  3. Testimonial videos – 48%
  4. Sales videos – 42%, and
  5. Video ads – 42%

The following chart pictorially explains the trend:


Opportunity for sales videos & video ads

In the above figures, sales videos and video ads have only 42% share. And therein lies an opportunity to tap.

It can perhaps be argued that the low share for using video for sales and marketing is because they are costly to make.

Creating a sales video requires skills for designing it and using the right tools to making it.

Those are hurdles that many people find difficult to overcome for producing high-end social media videos.

This is where PowerPoint can offer great value, both in terms of cost and quality, for making sales videos and video ads.

A big share of our PowerPoint templates is geared to making sales and marketing videos, and video ads.

Most users will find them easy to modify for making their own, uniquely-designed social media videos for sales and marketing.

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