1. About our products

At VidBazaar we offer ready-to-use PowerPoint video templates for social media.

They come in 3 orientations – Square 1:1, Vertical 9:16, and Rectangle 16:9. Later, we’ll also produce 4:5 Vertical templates too.

With some easy changes (e.g. colors, fonts, etc.), the video templates are instantly re-usable on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and so on.

Excellent Designs

We have created these video templates after selecting special designs that have great appeal toward generating positive interest among viewers.

And this means, when you use them, you’re likely to find high acceptability in your target audience.

After buying a template, you can modify it to make it uniquely yours to produce attractive social media videos.

This should be easy for you since you may already be familiar with PowerPoint.

And so, with our PowerPoint templates, you can produce top-class videos for social media even if you’re new to doing this.

Popularity of social media video

In the next section, you can read the most common types of marketing videos, but here let’s briefly talk about usefulness and popularity of video for social media.

According to a recent video marketing survey,

  • 92% of marketers feel video is integral to their marketing strategy in 2020,
  • which is up from 78% in 2015.

Watch the following video that shows the trend at a glance. [Sidenote – this video is incidentally made with PowerPoint.]



What is apparent is that marketers across spectrum are increasingly using video for their needs.

So, while there is a huge jump in the demand side of social media video, there isn’t much supply of quality products commensurate with the demand. Why?

Well, more often the cost is a big factor, especially for small budgets.

Our PowerPoint video templates are your savior

Our eye-catching ready-to-use PowerPoint video templates seek to bridge the gap between the demand and supply for top-class social media video.

More importantly, our templates are priced very reasonably. Think about spending just $7 to $15 on average per template versus hundreds or thousands of dollars for hiring a designer.

Does that mean there’s any compromise in the quality of our templates?

Not at all.

Rest assured, all our PowerPoint video templates are designed with top-of-the-class quality in mind. Check out our design templates for your social media marketing.

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