A3. Transitions in PowerPoint

We’ve explained how animations play a big role for rendering motion to objects in PowerPoint slides.

In a similar way, transitions too are useful for making social media videos with PowerPoint. There are about 49 different types of transitions, classified under 3 heads –

  1. Subtle
  2. Exciting
  3. Dynamic Content

Out of them, the head Exciting has 29 transitions, Subtle has 13, and Dynamic Content has 7 types of transitions under it. See the screenshot below.

There are 49 PowerPoint Transitions for making video

To design your social media video, you may want to use only transitions between slides, or in conjunction with animations in one or more slides.

Don’t forget to check out Microsoft’s instructions on how to add transitions between slides.

Example of animated GIF using Transition

Here, take a look at the following example of animations done with only PowerPoint transitions.



Though the video appears to all sorts of animations, in reality just the Morph transition has been used mainly.

There are 7 slides in this PowerPoint video template, and on 3rd slide we’ve used the transition, Random Bars.

All other other slides have used the Morph transition.

If you wish to take a closer look at how the video is designed, download the PowerPoint template for free here.

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