A4. Using PowerPoint stocks

PowerPoint has transformed into a great enabler tool. How?

Whenever you open PowerPoint on your computer, it auto-loads Design Ideas, giving you a range of images and videos.

TIP → If this isn’t happening on your computer, you may click on Design > Design Ideas.

If you now select an image for example, PowerPoint immediately gives you a range of nice-looking design patterns to try out.

For PowerPoint, this is obviously a better ploy to keep users engaged right from the beginning.

You can however choose NOT to use those that PowerPoint suggests. Instead, you may want to select your own media items for making social media video.

You can do that easily, and when you do, you’ll be surprised at the choices you come across. Watch the following screen-recording.



What happens when you select media files

After you select – let’s say 5 or 6 media files – and insert them on to your slide, PowerPoint immediately springs to action, and starts giving you design suggestions that look wonderfully great.

Here are 2 design examples that PowerPoint suggests from same set of media items.

Using PowerPoint stock media

Stock media pattern by PowerPoint

Experts say that as a design person, it’s always wise to remain alive to different options available. This enables you to pick and choose what’s the best for your particular needs.

Seen with this backdrop, PowerPoint emerges as an affable yet excellent tool for creating myriad designs and yes, for social media videos as well.

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