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We make beautiful video ads for your business.

If you’ve never made video ads or have no time to do them, rest easy! We do the video ads for you while you focus on your business.

Video Ad Design

Customers love💖 our designs

Our PowerPoint video expertise have helped > thousands of users from > 120 countries across globe.

Video Ad Design

Video Ads Done For You » 7 steps

Use & arrows on your keyboard to navigate the steps below.


Step 1 → Select Video Ad

In the first step, select one or more video ad(s) from our shop that you want redesigned. Note down the SKU number(s).

Done for You Video Ad - Select Video Ad Design

Step 2 → Place Order

Fill in the form below to place your order. No payment now. We confirm acceptance in 1-2 days depending on workload.

Done for You Video Ad - Place Order

Step 3 → Make Payment

Once we confirm your order, we also send you a link for payment via Stripe. Our charges start at $70. Pricing is explained below.

Done for You Video Ad - Make Payment

Step 4 → Upload Images

After payment, email us your product images (upload arrangement coming soon) without delay. Also send your text contents for video ads.

Done for You Video Ad - Upload Images

Step 5 → We Redesign

We redesign video ads with your contents and product images. Normally takes ~4 days. We then produce video ad(s) for your approval.

Done for You Video Ad - Redesigning Ad

Step 6 → Send Approval

We now present the video ads for your approval. You are welcome to ask for up to 2 modifications in the ads designs.

Done for You Video Ad - Send Your Approval

Step 7 → We Deliver

Finally, we deliver the ad(s) to you via email or download link. You'll receive (i) video ad(s) in MP4, (ii) JPEG slides for carousel ads, and (iii) PPT template(s).

Done for You Video Ad - We Deliver

Video Ad Design

Simple Pricing

We are way cheaper than others that charge hundreds of dollars for product video ads.

Pricing for Video Ads Done for You

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Video Ad Design

Questions & Answers

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you don’t find your answers below.

1. How your video ads help selling on Etsy or Shopify?

Our product videos help because of 5 crucial & different features:

  1. they’re nicely designed and customizable,
  2. they’ve text contents like catchy phrases, CTA buttons, etc.,
  3. they can be made with just product images,
  4. most of our templates can showcase up to 5 products in a single video ad, and
  5. you can even include videos — see this ad and this ad on how we use videos in video ads.

Low cost yet cool video ads – that’s the biggest advantage with our templates.

2. Your charges are less than others. Is there any catch?

There is no catch. In our experience, simple product videos work well for most small businesses. And for that we have some of the best video ads templates in our shop. Our charges are less because we use only our templates and you’re paying for just the redesign work. So, your costs are amazingly low even though the making costs of different types of video ads by others can vary from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

3. How is the payment handled by you?

All payments are handled by Stripe with maximum security. After we confirm your order we also send you a link for payment via Stripe. And it’s fully safe and secure.

4. Can we order all sizes of video ads?

Presently, we’re accepting orders for 1:1 square, 9:16 vertical, and 4:5 vertical multi-product video ads. We may accept orders for animated text video ads at our discretion.

5. Is there a rebate for Lifetime Deal (LTD) buyers?

Yes, there is. There will be 10% rebate on every order. To avail this, you need to mention your LTD purchase number when you fill in the form to place an order.

6. Are you available for long term hire?

Please get in touch with us at or click here for this or any other business inquiry.