Lovingly Paris – Happy Holidays Promo


  • Customize this 4:5 PPT promo video ad for leisure travel of Paris the loving city
  • All elements are labeled in Selection Pane
  • Fonts used are mentioned in template
  • Modify slides & elements to create your own
  • Produce MP4 video in 4K, 1080p, 720p HD video
  • Produce looping GIF (file size may be high)
  • For LTD buyers → Download link in Description below
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    • Buy this 4:5 PowerPoint leisure travel video ad template for listing your products like loving Paris. Find details above.
    • Download the PowerPoint video template immediately after purchase.
    • Made with PowerPoint 365, Windows edition
    • Easily modify the slides, the elements in the slides, animations & transitions any which way you want to make it uniquely yours for social media.