So, finally, VidBazaar is alive, your go-to place for PowerPoint video templates for social media.

It took a little above 4 months to come into being, and it’s the time to rejoice. But first, let me share how the story unfolded from the early days of conception end of June, 2020.

For a long, long time I’ve been using PowerPoint for making videos, but the thought of making ready-to-use templates for video didn’t cross my mind.

Until recently.

What happened is that a close friend of mine, a former student of my online course, asked me to design for him some social media videos of different sizes.

When I finished the task – which my friend applauded a lot – I could feel excitement running through me since I realized there could be a good demand for pre-designed video templates made with PowerPoint.

Another thing unfolded around the same time.

I was fortunate to be invited as a speaker at the virtual event, Build Your Business Now, arranged by Jonathan Green.

Now, I am not a good business-builder as many of my friends would readily opine … even though (to my credit🙂) I have launched quite a few successful online courses.

So, I asked Jonathan if (instead of talking about business) I could rather hold a masterclass on how to make eye-catching GIF animations in PowerPoint.

He happily agreed, and so on June 25 this year, I presented the masterclass in a pre-recorded video that lasted for about 16 mins.

As part of the class, I gave away 2 PowerPoint video ad templates with kinetic typography.

Here they are:

PowerPoint GIF Ad - Stretch & Contract

PowerPoint GIF Ad - Wipe, Rise, Fade

I think I got 53 sign-ups for the free ad templates … which though not a big number, nonetheless got me buoyed by the ‘success’.

Around the same time, a huge movement was taking shape over the tragic demise of George Floyd at Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US.

As the #BlackLivesMatter movement became a global sensation, I, like many other creative souls, felt obliged to contribute something for the cause.

So, I uploaded the following PowerPoint GIF to LinkedIn, again a kinetic typography, that rolled on uninterruptedly.

This was viewed several hundred times (though just a few ‘likes’😒).

I then proceeded to offer the 3 templates for free, which you can download here.

In a short time, many people downloaded the 3 animations, and the figure still keeps rising even though I haven’t publicized them except putting them up on one of my blogs.


Planning for VidBazaar

For me, seeing the success of the 3 templates was like a turning point.

I felt egged on to do something with the expertise that I’ve accumulated over years, for creating videos using PowerPoint.

In the past, people had in fact lauded my PowerPoint skills while studying my online courses on Udemy (couple of them below).

Outstanding!! This course, as in all courses I have taken by Partha Bhattacharya, is far over and above expectations. He over-delivers.
~ James Young

Partha has done an excellent job at covering everything you need to know to create effective, engaging, and stunning videos using PowerPoint…
~ Robert Slee

Yet, for all those praises and acclaims, I knew I’ve some difficult choices to make.

On one hand, if I decide to sell pre-designed PowerPoint video templates, I must give 100% to this new initiative.

And that means, I must keep on creating more and more templates, because in the template industry, success does not come with fewer numbers.

Add to that the effort I must put to design a new website which I was convinced must be operative with an e-commerce tool … so that people can pick and choose individual templates, PLUS there should be a subscription model too for unlimited download.

Since I’ll do them myself, I knew I desperately need both time and a strong inner-drive to make this happen in the minimum time.

In the end, after lots of thinking, I finally plunged into making VidBazaar happen.

This was in early July.

And my first task was to make at least 50 ready-to-use video templates to start with.

So, without further delay, I set off in right earnest.


Launch of VidBazaar

Middle of September it was, when I finally decided to buy this domain name, VidBazaar, for the new initiative.

Couple of weeks later, I opted for the hosted eCommerce plan by WordPress.Com for VidBazaar.

This is the first time I’m using WordPress.Com, and NOT the self-hosted WordPress site, and I believe I’ve good reasons for doing that (will talk about this later).

While doing all of these, largely alone, my financial resources came under severe strain. But then, having taken the plunge, I just have to bring everything to fruition.

I finally lifted the curtain off VidBazaar on … 20 November 2020 🙂

With that you now have your newest go-to place for PowerPoint video templates for social media.

There are about 11 templates as I write this. Shortly, that figure will go up to at least 45 … say in 10 days or so🤞🏻.
Then on, I plan to add 2-3 templates each week to VidBazaar’s repository.


Your Support

No venture can succeed without people’s support. Same is true for VidBazaar.

So, please lend your helping hands, buy the templates, and modify them as you wish to make your own unique social media videos.

You’re welcome to send your suggestions, tips, and critiques.

Contact me at

All the best to you.

Featured image courtesy Sumner Mahaffey, Unsplash

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